Commercial LED Lighting

Upgrading to modern commercial LED lighting technology provides your business, church, hospital, hotel, parking garage or lot, HOA / Home Owners Association, or government agency with a plethora of benefits…

A Few LED Lighting Benefits Include…

LED retrofits quickly and easily take the place of old HID (high-intensity discharge) metal halide or sodium lamps.

LED Lighting saves on energy costs! LED bulbs use less power and produce very little heat. Retrofitting and installing LED fixtures can cut your energy bill by 80% or more: the sooner you make the switch, the sooner the lights will pay for themselves!

The light emitted by a comparable LED bulb is brighter and more consistent than traditional bulbs.

HID LED light is directional so, if you wish, you can achieve ZERO WASTED ILLUMINATION. Traditional bulbs emanate light in 360 degrees (instead of directing all illumination at the lighting target, they waste illumination). Take a look at some “before and after” LED lighting examples in our photo gallery.

If you have an area that REQUIRES 24 hour lighting, LED lights will pay for themselves SUPER FAST (since being used all the time). Examples include emergency exits, public bathrooms, hotel lobbies / hallways, assisted living facility common areas, prisons, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution centers, hospitals & parking garages.

If you are wanting a “certified” light source… look through our site for Energy Star, DLC certified, and Energy Right options offered by Apogee LED, LLC to suit your lighting needs. We have not listed EVERY product on our site so if you find a product on our site that you want that lacks a certain certification, please let us know and we will find a substitute or similar product that carries the certification you desire.

LED lighting offers unparalleled design flexibility, delivering solutions for office lighting, factory lighting, and street lighting, to name a few.

Super low maintenance LED lights also have ultra-long lifespans… routinely providing 50,000+ hours of expected operating life. Tired of wasting money on bucket trucks and light bulb replacements? LED lighting is the cure!

Most retrofits require no permits and relamping with LED offers super easy installation. Additionally, Apogee LED, LLC products are covered by some of the industry’s best warranties.

Avoid the hassle and expense of traditional lighting and ensure the peace of mind and low maintenance costs that come with LED lighting for years to come. Call Apogee LED, LLC today!