8 Foot LED Tube Retrofit Without Ballast Bypass! / T8 T12 Ballast Compatible Conversion

8′ LED Tube Replaces a 8 ft fluorescent tube WITHOUT removing the ballast. Nearly Zero installation labor. Perfect for commercial business office spaces, garages, hospitals or warehouse environments. We have the BEST prices for this product! Also, special design allows this to be shipped as cheaply as 2, 4 foot LED Tubes. Plug and Play design. Call (865) 219-2611 today for pricing and more info! Fits in anywhere a 4 foot T8 or T12 will fit including Troffers. You must use a certain kind of LED tube for the type of installation explained in this video (all LED tubes are NOT created this way). If you have a commercial lighting need… Apogee LED has the smartest solution! Need New LED Fixtures? We have them too INCLUDING Fluorescent Tube (ballast bypass) LED retrofits in both 4 feet and 8 feet lengths! Products are also excellent for Stairwells, emergency Exit Stairwells, Grocery Stores and hotels. We have the BEST price for this item! For more info call (865) 219-2611 now! Our corporate office services All of Tennessee including Knoxville, The United States of America, and the entire world, so if you have a need… call or email us today!