LED vs Fluorescent Comparison / Save 58% Energy / Retrofit

LED Tube Comparison To Fluorescent Tube / Proves 58% Energy SavingsNearly. LED Tubes are perfect for commercial business office spaces, garages Hospitals or warehouse environments. Call (865) 219-2611 today for more info! Save energy anywhere a 4 foot T8 or T12 will fit including Troffers. The facts shown in this video apply to nearly any type of LED Tube weather it be a direct replacement (Just Change the Bulb) LED Tube or a Ballast Bypass LED Tube. If you have a commercial lighting need… Apogee LED has the smartest solution! Need New LED Fixtures? We have them too INCLUDING ft Fluorescent Tube LED retrofits in both 2 feet and 8 feet lengths! LED Tube products are also excellent for Stairwells, Emergency Exit Stairwells, Grocery Stores and hotels. Call (865) 219-2611 now for more info! Our corporate office services All of Tennessee including Knoxville, The United States of America, and the entire world, so if you have a need… call or email us today!